Phoenix Investment team Ltd has instituted and maintains a strict series of protocols and policies to assess the appropriate level of risk for respective investment Ideas. These help achieve the ultimate goal of loss prevention, loss reduction, risk avoidance, risk transfer, and uncertainty reduction & risk taking.

Each fund we manage passes through few controlled checks, during which risk factors are identified, assessed, controlled and monitored on a continuous basis to keep the fund aligned with its investment objective.


For new investment opportunities our expert team will carefully study any potential risk factors, investment limits and management. Any minor restrictions are defined and investment guidelines set.

Intermediate management

As the fund progresses, risk indicators are measured and the fund’s parameters are monitored against chosen standards benchmarks and industry weightings.

Post management

The Portfolio risks are analysed, controlled and contained. Risk of each holding is constantly evaluated and adjusted against absolute and relative values. Risk/return profile reports are regularly generated for the Risk Management Committee.