What we have achieved

With over 10 years of experience, Phoenix Investment Team have grown from strength to strength capitalising  on opportunities despite the economic climate. We endeavour to invest into emerging markets through our expertise, hence we have been able to deliver services both nationally and internationally.

Below are a range of markets we have invested in:

  • Property Investment
  • Property Development
  • International Export
  • Gold Investment
  • Hotels
  • Function Rooms
  • Beauty Clinics
  • Catering Services
  • Medical Surgical Equipment

Experienced Team in International Markets

Additional Services

Shares Investments

The Phoenix Investment Team are at the forefront of investment opportunities, and by studying the stock exchange market as  a company,  opportunities  have arisen through shares to obtain capital growth and a steady income.

International Exports

Over the years the Phoenix Investment Team have developed a vast array of global networks of links, and with this knowledge we are able to arrange imports and exports of products; especially in niche markets.

Risk Management

The Phoenix Investment Team  has instituted and maintains a strict series of protocols and policies to assess the appropriate level of risk for respective investment Ideas. These help achieve the ultimate goal of loss prevention, loss reduction, risk avoidance, risk transfer, and uncertainty reduction. Each fund we manage pass through controlled checks, during which risk factors are identified, assessed, controlled and monitored on a continuous basis to keep the fund aligned with its investment objective.

Business Start-ups

As a result of the recession, many businesses have struggled with the fluctuating markets due to competition and economic climate. Thus The Phoenix Investment Team have encouraged growth and development of new start-up companies.